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About Dynatom International

How old is your group?

Dynabond was created in 2003 in China to focus on investment consulting and market penetration for foreign companies not in the nuclear industry. In 2007 we decided to transfer our resources to the Chinese nuclear power market. Due to the overseas expansion of the Chinese industry, we have asked to become a global entity.

We set up Dynatom International (DI) in Switzerland to fulfill our clients’ needs in other emerging markets.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are mostly from Europe and North America.We also represent key players from South Korea and China. On the end-user side, we mainly work with the operators and EPC in China and Turkey.

How do you perform?

The results depend on the expectations – Market share, market dominance, and Joint venture acquisition.

We use our unique network and lobbying process to create new opportunities for our clients. We carefully choose the companies we represent. For example, we reduced our portfolio of Japanese and South Korean companies in the Chinese market due to competition and political position from the government.

We assess the technology of our prospects and sometimes we prefer not to represent a company when its technology is poor or localized in the targeted market.

Which industry do you serve?

We work with businesses that have valuable knowhow in nuclear power
Mostly in:
• Instrumentation and Controls
• Forging
• Welding Materials
• Safety Analysis
• Pump &Special Valve
• Fuel Manufacturing and Reprocessing
• Heat Exchangers
• Waste Management
• Decommissioning
• Primary Effluent Treatment and Wastewater Treatment.

In nuclear medicine mostly in:
• Design of Nuclear Medicine Department.
• Production of Isotopes and Logistics
• Proton Therapy
• Expertise in Therapy Treatment in Nuclear Medicine (i.e. liver)
• QM for Equipment
• Training Overseas for Radioprotection in Particular for Nurses.
• Training in Oncology and Neurology
• Expertise on Licensing by the Regulatory Authority.

Hiring our Experts

How can Dynatom promote my equipment or services?

We assess the potential of your products / services in the targeted market, based on three principles:
1. Your international competitors.
2. The localization process and government policy.
3. The bidding results overthe last 5 years.

We prepare and execute a 24-month strategic plan to establish your business

1. Introduction of your company to our network and buyers.
2. Integrating your company as a preferred vendor for the EPC, operators and hospital management.
3. Participate in bidding and direct procurement.
We increase your market share in the competitive environment
1. Regular lobbying with the end-users.
2. Market intelligence on trends, competition and government policy.
3. Consistent meetings with your team and updates on the markets we are involved in.

What is your fee?

Most foreign businesses that lose ground in emerging markets use the ancient “commission based” tactic to limit their investment and risk. Their local competitors invest massive capital to push them out of the market with the support of the EPC and government.
Efficient business development requires a minimum investment from your company.

We are not investors in your business. We are retained to develop your business and keep it in a highly competitive environment.

Based on our experience, the lowest investment fee required to operate in the Chinese or Turkish nuclear power market averages US$ 12,000 US$ (€10, 000) per month, which covers the cost of  a sales manager, an assistant, an accountant, a small office and basic business development expenses.

Dynatom’s solution allows companies to save 50-60% and to become established in the market within 24 months.

In addition, clients have access to Dynatom’s business network, resources, nuclear, transport and business expertise, and do not need to worry about human resources management, which is the major problem in emerging countries.
Dynatom’s representatives in China, Europe, Turkey and the USA successfully manage cross-cultural and language issues for our clients.

Is this the only solution?

The business model of Dynatom works with a retainer fee, but we offer several solutions for small companies to Multinationals:
1. Project based (hourly rate or lump sum fee)
2. Work package (specified number of hours per month)
3. Representative package (unlimited hours of work per month, including overseas work)

Do you only ask for this retainer fee?

We get a bonus for each contract won by our team with your technical support. The bonus is paid on the same terms as your commercial terms with the end-user


What is Dynatom Magazine?

The bilingual e-magazine was launched in 2012, first as a newsletter and later as an e-magazine. The magazine is sent by our sister company in China, Dynabond Powertech Service. A new version will be issued in the second half of 2015 for the Turkish market.

We provide business information, technical documents, regulations, and interviews on the leading companies involved in our targeted markets and other rich content for the business community. Our marketers and sales team designed the magazine for the domestic and international business community.

Who reads the magazine?

We control and update a database of 25,000 people in 70 countries, from the nuclear and transport industry only. Our readers are mostly business owners or sales directors who need to get the latest business updates.

How can I advertise or get an interview?

We propose advertising packages 60% below the market rate, as our magazine is digital. For more information regarding advertising opportunities, just contact us.
We only interview companies that are operating in the market we serve.

We look for examples and references to educate the business community. Our editorial team prepares each interview carefully, records the discussion and lets your team modify the interview according to agreement by both parties. The interview is free of charge.

Where do you find most of your information?

We have a dedicated team of editors in our offices that search the precise information you need. For our premium membership, contact us.


How can we connect?

Upon request, we can meet you directly at your factory.

  • If you are in North America, you can contact us in Chicago.
  • If you are in Europe, our commercial office is based in Fribourg, Switzerland, close to Bern.
  • If you are based in Western Asia, the Middle East and Africa our representative is in Istanbul
  • If you are based in Asia, our Beijing office welcomes you. Please see our contact page for more information.