What We Do

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We prospect for our members in the emerging markets because we believe that Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Indian Peninsula offer growing business opportunities.

We continue to prospect in China; our founders started their business in China, and we know how this challenging market is shifting daily, like nowhere else in the world.


We cooperate with hundreds of events organizers worldwide, visit their fairs as their media partner, and we prospect for our members. We conduct face to face interview with the equipment manufacturer, EPC, utilities, and introduce our member(s) that match their needs.

We deliver the contact information to both sides if we believe the prospect is qualified for our member(s) with a summary of the exchanged held and the critical information we obtained during the fairs. This type of prospection saved thousands of USD to our members, who need to focus on their strategic events, while our service provides new opportunities and qualified prospects.

We grasp the new opportunities, we review the quality of the Fair, and we prepare a long-term marketing strategy for our members, while we deliver short-term market tactics.


Information is not power. The use of information creates a powerful dynamic for our members. Our editorial and marketing team has only one objective: to bring value to the market. We are only digging opportunities that we share with our members and the business community.

We asked our members and hundreds of prospects, face to face, what do they want. Based on our survey, conducted in four continents, we focused on five main areas:

  1. Business Activities & Projects
  2. Marketing & Strategy
  3. Procurement & Supply Chain
  4. Safety & Regulation
  5. Technology

We carefully edit our information. Our editorial team keeps the information short, straight to the point, and focused into a call for action.



We communicate for our members, through the internet, the B2B Matchmaking, and the Fairs we prospect.

We use widely internet tools, including our website, the social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), and our NBN mobile app to brand our members. We interview our members, publish their success, and share their leadership skills in the community.

We believe that proximity is power: NBN is a multilingual business platform, in English, Arabic, and Chinese. For each piece of information, we receive from our members, we give it back to the business and scientific community, in the languages the most spoken in the world.

We organize the B2B Matchmaking between our members and our prospects. For several years, we accomplished the B2B Matchmaking in China, where the business of our founders started. Since 2014, we grow in other continents, in cooperation with event managers.

The B2B Matchmaking is a great way to extend your network fast, with potential suppliers, procurement department, and new customers.

Our approach for our members is described in three steps:

  1. We organize the meeting with the most fitting prospect,
  2. We can advise on the angle of communication,
  3. We follow up with our members after the event.

We cooperate with the Fairs. Our definition of “Fair” includes Exhibition, Forum, Workshop, Conference, Seminars, and Webinars. We act either as a bridge of communication or perform as a subcontractor.

We assess the value of the Fair for our members, and we suggest three options:

  • We encourage them to come as a participant when the field is their business.
  • We suggest promoting their business either in a corporate booth or in a pavilion if their clients and new customers plan to visit the Fair.
  • We support some of our members to become a sponsor of the Fair if the outcome has tangible strategic value for their sales and marketing activities.