Do you have a lack of visibility for your future business opportunities?

Are you facing growing international competition in your market?

Do you face an increased financial burden to expand your sales and marketing force?

NBN takes all the risks for you and transforms the uncertainties into opportunities

NBN guides you in your Branding, Approaching your future customers, and Growing into new markets.

We evaluate your online and offline communications, advise the adjustments required, and continuously promote your company in English, Arabic, and Chinese.

We review your business aspirations, the industries you want to serve, and we start prospecting immediately.

Furthermore, we assess your need for investment and the areas impacted in your business, and we deliver the future stakeholders to your door.


Promote your products and services worldwide at a fixed cost: Avoid costly ads and SEO services.

Grow sustainably and meet high qualified prospects: No overhead costs.

Export worldwide, Break Into Emerging Markets: No more lack of anticipation on the market trend.


You schedule an appointment, and we discuss the targets and timeframes

You sign the membership agreement online or offline (Download Here).

We start branding and prospecting and guide your expansion to the international market.

We organize the meetings with qualified prospects.

We report to you regularly on the outcome of your objectives.

Not satisfied with the results? Don’t worry, that’s on us. You get your money back!

How does it work?

This short video, below, explains why you need NBN Membership and how we achieve the targets for our members.

“What leads a company to fail is a combination of management choice, organization adaptation, and industry evolution. With NBN, we shape your existing business into an unshakeable international player.” __Arnaud Lefevre, CEO of NBN

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