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The start of production of equipment for El-Dabaa NPP

The Russian state company Rosatom announced the start of production of equipment for the “El-Dabaa” nuclear plant, the first nuclear power plant in Egypt. The First Deputy Director General of

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The nominees for the WNE Awards 2021

WNE – the world’s largest civil nuclear exhibition, chaired by Sylvie Bermann, Ambassador of France and President of WNE –announced the names of the 21 companies, big groups, and SMEs/VSEs, which have been shortlisted for the WNE Awards of 2021.

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200 Egyptian companies to work at El Dabaa nuclear project

About 200 Egyptian companies have been nominated to work in the first Egyptian nuclear power plant in El-Dabaa, which is implemented by the Russian company Rosatom

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A roadmap to the digitization of China

A roadmap to the digitalization of China has been revealed in the “14th Five-Year Plan” outline.

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Capgemini focuses on AI for global expansion

French business IT services provider “Capgemini” set its medium-term targets for global expansion to focus on Artificial Intelligence and customer experience; as more companies are turning their operations digital. “The

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Machine Learning will power the future of India’s banking sector

The fourth Industrial Revolution has taken over the old school business models all over the world. Businesses across industries and verticals are currently turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning

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China needs at least 300,000 qualified talents in Artificial Intelligence

In the development wave of China’s artificial intelligence industry, the number of enterprises that research and apply artificial intelligence technologies in China is increasing and the demand for talents is

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How were the uranium resources, production, and demand in 2020?

A report deriving from an international organization stated that the existing sufficient uranium resources could support the long-term and sustainable use of nuclear energy. But the impact of the new

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Egyptian-German cooperation to develop hydrogen

Mohamed Shaker, Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy discussed with Andreas Weicht, Minister of State for Energy at the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, in a virtual