Adani is the largest owner of solar power plants

In the latest classification of global solar energy companies, the “Mercom Capital” group awarded the “Adani” group the classification as the first owner of solar energy generation assets in the world in terms of operating solar energy projects.

Adani Green Energy Ltd.’s renewable energy portfolio exceeds the total energy capacity generated by the entire US solar energy sector in 2019, and will contribute to the disposal of more than 1.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide throughout the life cycle of its assets.

The group is one of the world’s integrated solar power generation players, manufacturing solar cells and modules, implementing project development, construction, financial structuring and owning and operating its assets through its robust in-house asset management platform.

According to the rating, the Adani Group is approximately 70% larger than the second largest global solar energy company!

Aasem Abuzeid

Aasem Abuzeid

Aasem Abuzeid is the Director for MENA Region. He acts as a leading marketer in Arabic-speaking countries. He is also the COO and lead-developer of NBN.
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