China needs at least 300,000 qualified talents in Artificial Intelligence

In the development wave of China’s artificial intelligence industry, the number of enterprises that research and apply artificial intelligence technologies in China is increasing and the demand for talents is increasing along.

That was according to the “Artificial Intelligence Industry Talent Development Report (2019-2020 Edition)”, issued by the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

However, in artificial intelligence, there are still problems such as insufficient talent reserves and imperfect training mechanisms, and the ratio of talent supply and demand is seriously imbalanced. It is estimated that the current effective talent gap in my country’s artificial intelligence industry is 300,000.

At the same time, the report shows that companies currently have the strongest demand for technical posts such as algorithm research posts, application development posts, and practical skills posts, accounting for 12.2%, 19.8%, and 34.8% of the overall demand positions, but their talent supply and demand ratios are, respectively, only 0.13, 0.17 and 0.98. Secondly, there is an imbalance between supply and demand in different technical directions.

Machine learning and computer vision have the most prominent demand for talents at this stage, accounting for 39.1% and 33.4% of the overall demand positions, respectively.

However, talents in related technical directions are extremely scarce. The supply-demand ratio is only 0.23 and 0.09, and the effective supply is seriously insufficient.

Elaine Li

Elaine Li

Elaine Li (李益楠) is Marketing Manager for the Chinese Market. With ten years of experience in the nuclear power market, Elaine is experts for the certification of safety equipment (HAF 604 and 601) and marketing intelligence.
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