Doza installs radiation monitoring system in the Oncological Center of the Kaliningrad

Specialists of the engineering support department of Doza completed the installation and commissioning of the multichannel radiation monitoring system UDKS-01 “Pelikan” and 4 sets of universal measuring complexes UIM-D in the recently built “Oncology Center of the Kaliningrad Region”.

After commissioning, the center will become the largest specialized regional medical institution with a diagnostic department, a radiation therapy department, a polyclinic for 300 visits per shift, and a hospital for 200 beds. The new center will be able to provide almost all types of medical care from diagnosis to treatment.

The UDKS-01 “Pelikan” system is designed for automated continuous radiation monitoring in the premises of radiation-hazardous facilities and nuclear power plants. Universal measuring complexes UIM-D are designed to measure the ambient dose equivalent rate (ADER) of photon and neutron radiation, the flux density of alpha and beta particles, the exposure dose rate (ERR) of gamma radiation, and signaling when the established threshold values are exceeded.

Aasem Abuzeid

Aasem Abuzeid

Aasem Abuzeid is the Director for MENA Region. He acts as a leading marketer in Arabic-speaking countries. He is also the COO and lead-developer of NBN.
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