Doza supplies equipment for the Bilibinskaya NPP

Doza supplied and installed the personnel surface contamination monitoring system “RZBA-09D” for the Bilibinskaya NPP. This guards the vital activity of mining and gold mining of Chukotka.

The gate installation is designed to allow/prohibit the passage of personnel from an area with possible contamination by radionuclides. 24 highly-sensitive detection units of own “Doza” production allow to carry out a full cycle of measurements of contamination of the entire surface of the employee’s body in the shortest possible time.

RZBA-09D is easy to use and provides comfortable measurements for people of different builds and heights. The technical characteristics of the installation correspond to, and in a number of parameters exceed the requirements of the service station. Doza plans to supply other equipment of its own production to the Bilibinskaya NPP.

Download the RZBA-09D brochure.PDF

Aasem Abuzeid

Aasem Abuzeid

Aasem Abuzeid is the Director for MENA Region. He acts as a leading marketer in Arabic-speaking countries. He is also the COO and lead-developer of NBN.
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