Emersons Green plant to produce and store green hydrogen

Researchers at the hydrogen plant in England are developing technologies to produce and store hydrogen. Hydrogen energy is considered vital in achieving carbon neutrality goals.

The aviation, shipping, and freight sectors currently emit a huge amount of greenhouse gases. Planes, ships, and trucks are too heavy machinery to be powered by electric batteries. These emissions could be massively cut with green hydrogen, but the fuel is very costly to produce.

The new hydrogen plant in Emersons Green aims to bring down the cost of producing green hydrogen, making it a viable climate-friendly alternative to fossil fuels for long-distance transport.

The project is receiving £2.5 million of funding from the government of England and will be based at the IAAPS hydrogen research center in Emersons Green.

Manisha Vasumithran

Manisha Vasumithran

Manisha Vasumithran is a writer who loves to put thoughts and feelings into words. She worked for NGO, a social media page, and other websites, providing quality content as a freelancer.
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