Fuel Cell Systems provides Protium-produced hydrogen at Goodwood

Fuel Cell Systems Limited (FCSL) is on-site at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FoS) in the UK, providing refueling with Protium-produced hydrogen to the numerous vehicle demonstrations across the weekend (July 13-16).

FCSL’s mobile hydrogen refueller, the HyTruck, is providing refueling services for the debut of BMW’s latest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the iX5 Hydrogen, alongside its 2004 BMW H2R, which set nine FIA-certified land-speed records for hydrogen nearly two decades ago.

Additionally, Toyota’s GR Yaris H2 car is demonstrating its carbon-neutral hydrogen internal combustion engine (ICE) technology, as it aims to maintain the speed, sound, and feel of a high-performance car

Manisha Vasumithran

Manisha Vasumithran

Manisha Vasumithran is a writer who loves to put thoughts and feelings into words. She worked for NGO, a social media page, and other websites, providing quality content as a freelancer.
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