Installing the cable of the electricity interconnection between Egypt and Saudi Arabia

The Italian Prysmian Group is working to complete the manufacturing and unloading of the submarine cable for the electricity interconnection project between Egypt and Saudi Arabia at the end of next December, at a total cost of 221.6 million euros.

The trial operation of the electrical interconnection project between the two countries is scheduled to begin at the end of May 2025, provided that the official operation of the project, which costs $1.8 billion, will begin in two phases. The first will be in June 2025 with a capacity of 1,500 MW, and the second in November of the same year with a capacity of 1,500 MW.

Egypt seeks to exploit its electrical production capacities, which amount to about 58,000 megawatts per day, at a time when the daily consumption peak is 33,000 megawatts.

The length of the submarine cable for the electrical interconnection project is estimated at 19 km. Saudi Arabia’s share in the cost of the submarine cable amounts to 114.3 million euros, while Egypt’s share of the cost amounts to about 107.3 million euros. It is planned that the submarine cable will be placed on a ship equipped to install the submarine cable between the two linkage points in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, after adjusting the route and preventing its conflict with the “NEOM” project.

Aasem Abuzeid

Aasem Abuzeid

Aasem Abuzeid is the Director for MENA Region. He acts as a leading marketer in Arabic-speaking countries. He is also the COO and lead-developer of NBN.
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