Japan’s Mitsubishi to develop next-gen nuclear reactor

Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is cooperating with four utilities, including Kansai Electric Power Corporation, to develop its next-generation nuclear power reactor.

The consortium also includes Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Shikoku Electric Power Co., and Kyushu Electric Power Co. behind the “SRZ-1200” concept design, an advanced 1.2 GW light-water reactor.

Earlier in August, the prime minister urged the restart of more decommissioned nuclear plants and taking a fresh look at developing next-generation reactors, in a major shift in nuclear energy policy a decade after the Fukushima disaster.

The consortium aims to complete a project of reactors safer than the current pressurized water type by mid-2030.

Aasem Abuzeid

Aasem Abuzeid

Aasem Abuzeid is the Director for MENA Region. He acts as a leading marketer in Arabic-speaking countries. He is also the COO and lead-developer of NBN.
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