Mersin hosts procurement workshop within framework of AKKUYU NPP project

In the Cukurova Region, the Mersin Province, Republic of Turkey, where the Akkuyu NPP construction project is being implemented, an informative workshop for suppliers of goods and services associated with the construction of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant was held.

The workshop was organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR) of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK). The workshop participants who presented reports included Yusuf Ceylan, Head of Working Group on Long-Lead Equipment, TAEK, as well as representatives from AKKUYU NUCLEAR JOINT STOCK COMPANY, including Rafael Haciyev, Advisor to Director General; V. Lobovich, Head of Department for Procurement Methodology and Organization; and Igor Kogai, Head of Department for Quality Assurance and Standardization. Some 60 representatives from vendor companies and equipment and material manufacturers based in the Çukurova Region took part in the informative workshop.

Valery Lobovich, Head of Department for Procurement Methodology and Organization of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, told the workshop participants about the current status of the Akkuyu NPP construction project. “Construction of large facilities such as nuclear power plants always has a positive effect on economy and well-being of a country, where these projects are implemented. We expect that Turkish construction companies will participate in the Akkuyu NPP construction project and thus will acquire relevant experience in building complex engineering facilities of a nuclear power plant. Currently, JSC AKKUYU NUCLEAR is engaged in preparing documents needed for the obtainment of construction licenses and permits. Once the relevant documents are obtained, the company will proceed directly to the construction of the nuclear power plant,” he noted. Igor Kogai, Head of Department for Quality Assurance and Standardization of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, briefed the workshop participants on certification requirements to Turkish suppliers; international standards applied to equipment for Akkuyu NPP; and quality assurance during the equipment manufacturing process. “Companies that supply equipment for nuclear power plant safety systems must have permitting documentation issued by the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority. ТАЕК Guidelines containing the requirements to nuclear power plant equipment suppliers are available on the official website of the Turkish authority at (,” Igor Kogai noted during his presentation.

Representatives from the Technical Department of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC noted that activities at each stage of the NPP project implementation will be carried out in accordance with the EIA report (Environmental Impact Assessment) approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning of the Republic of Turkey as adopted and approved by the authority on December 1, 2014. The speakers also emphasized that all the works will be fulfilled in conformity with laws of the Republic of Turkey and regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Information about prospective suppliers’ experience assessment procedure, selection criteria, service and product quality compliance control requirements, as well as their acceptance within the project for the construction of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant raised a particular interest among representatives from Turkish companies. The information provided and the answers to the questions assured the workshop participants that AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC is actively implementing a project-focused approach, which will allow to more accurately manage the NPP construction and commissioning. All purchases within the project for the construction of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant are made openly and transparently. A company that meets customer’s requirements and holds permitting documents in accordance with laws of the Republic of Turkey may file an application for the participation in the procurement procedures. Any organization that offers quality products meeting the project requirements on competitive terms and for fair prices can win a tender to supply equipment or render services for Akkuyu NPP.



Arnaud Lefevre

Arnaud Lefevre

Arnaud Lefevre is the Chief Executive Officer of Dynatom International. Arnaud is in charge of the international development of the business portfolio.
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