Nuclear Non-Metal Material Lab

On December 16, the “National Energy-Nuclear Nonmetallic Material Lab”jointly developed by *CGN High-tech Nuclear Materials Company, China Nuclear Power Operations Co., Ltd, and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA) were officially inaugurated. The experts participated in the ceremony come from the BUAA, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Cable Research Institute etc.

The non-metal materials such as the high-performance polymer and its composite materials has a series of integrated advantages with high strength, long lifetime, anti-corrosion, low density, and flexible manufacturing process and the integrated structure function. Relying on the CGN’s R&D center, this new Lab will widely cooperate with the universities and institutes to develop the non-metal materials related technologies and conduct the evaluation to the lifetime of this kind of materials and the management technology. It is aimed to turn this Lab into an advanced R&D platform. In addition, it will provide the third-party testing service, and meet the needs of improving the non-metal materials applied in the nuclear construction as well as the plants lifetime extension demand.

*CGN High-tech Nuclear Materials Company: founded in 1984 in Taicang city, Jiangsu Province, is wholly owned by CGN Nuclear Technology Application Co., Ltd as a third-level subsidiary of CGN Group. It is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of the high polymer materials with 9 affiliates in different bases. Its main products cover the cable related polymer materials, engineering plastics, recycled materials which are widely applied in the power sector, telecommunication, rail transit, maritime work and the nuclear and the new energy.

Elaine Li

Elaine Li

Elaine Li (李益楠) is Marketing Manager for the Chinese Market. With ten years of experience in the nuclear power market, Elaine is experts for the certification of safety equipment (HAF 604 and 601) and marketing intelligence.
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