The European Union is financing Burj Al-Arab solar project

In a statement issued on March 4, the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research announced that the project of solar power and desalination station in “Burj El-Arab” city in Alexandria would be financed by a research grant from the European Union amounting to 22 million euros, which is the cost of the project.

The project is being implemented in cooperation with local partners from universities, research centers and the Egyptian private sector, with the participation of the countries of Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The Academy said in its statement that the project is the largest in a non-EU country and the first in the world in terms of Innovations used and the multiple applications.

The station is planned to be the largest center for R&D in the field of solar power to serve Egypt, the Arab region and the African continent. The plant produces 5 MW of thermal energy and 1 MW of electricity and 250 cubic meters of desalinated water per day.

Arnaud Lefevre

Arnaud Lefevre

Arnaud Lefevre is the Chief Executive Officer of Dynatom International. Arnaud is in charge of the international development of the business portfolio.
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