The first international green certificate

Huaneng Gansu Jiuquan Wind Power Company completed the international green certificate delivery with Huaneng International Singapore Tuas Energy Retail Company, with a transaction volume of 10,000 green certificates (corresponding to 10 million kWh of electricity). This is Huaneng’s first new energy international green certificate sales business.

Combined with the Huaneng Guazhou Ganhekou North 50 MW wind parity grid parity demonstration project, Jiuquan Wind Power Company and Singapore Tuas Energy Retail Company carried out innovative cooperation. Green Certificate Sales Agreement.

The green certificate is a certificate of environmental equity. It is an internationally recognized standard for the record of renewable energy consumption. The purchase of a green certificate can help electricity companies achieve their own dual-carbon goals, and is increasingly recognized by domestic and foreign companies.

Elaine Li

Elaine Li

Elaine Li (李益楠) is Marketing Manager for the Chinese Market. With ten years of experience in the nuclear power market, Elaine is experts for the certification of safety equipment (HAF 604 and 601) and marketing intelligence.
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