World‘s largest green hydrogen-ammonia plant

Unigel, a Brazilian chemical company, has begun the construction of a green hydrogen plant in the Brazilian city, of Bahia. The first of its kind in the country and the world’s largest integrated ammonia and green hydrogen plant

Commercial operations are set to begin by the end of 2023. By 2025, the company expects to increase its production by fourfold. The $120 million project’s initial production capacity of green hydrogen and ammonia is estimated to be 10000 tons/year and 60000 tons/year respectively.

The company also plans to build a storage facility with a capacity of 250,000 cubic meters, scheduled to start operations by 2024.

Manisha Vasumithran

Manisha Vasumithran

Manisha Vasumithran is a writer who loves to put thoughts and feelings into words. She worked for NGO, a social media page, and other websites, providing quality content as a freelancer.
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