Polish government approves the first nuclear power plant

The Ministry of Climate and Environment of Poland has positively responded to Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe (PEJ) to construct a nuclear power plant in Pomerania. It is a formal confirmation that the company’s investment project is in line with the public interest and the policies pursued by the state, including energy policy.

PEJ – a special purpose vehicle 100% owned by the State Treasury – applied to the ministry on 13 April this year for a decision-in-principle. The application included a description of project characteristics, indicating the maximum total installed capacity, the planned operating period and details of the Westinghouse AP1000 technology to be used in the construction of the plant.

The ministry has now issued a decision-in-principle, enabling the investor, PEJ, to apply for a number of further administrative decisions, including a siting decision and subsequently the construction licence.

Manisha Vasumithran

Manisha Vasumithran

Manisha Vasumithran is a writer who loves to put thoughts and feelings into words. She worked for NGO, a social media page, and other websites, providing quality content as a freelancer.
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